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New Focus

Site 7 specializes in the following areas:

Our first FOCUS - is you!

Our second FOCUS is in offering the following computer services categories such as
Mobile Applications, Business & Software Process, Project Management:

  • (i) Mobile Apps - from $2,000 to $200,000
  • (ii) S.H.O.D
    Security/Hack Offenses and Defenses
    Secure Web Hosting Services,
    Custom Encryption Software,
    Secure Social Networking,
  • (iii) Project Management
  • (iv) Internet Film & Video w Professional Talk Show Hosts, MCs
  • (v) S.A.P.R.I.D
    Software Architecture & Process Review, Improve, & Deploy
  • (vi) T.R.I.D.
    Team Review, Improve, & Deploy
  • (vii) Activity Based Costing analysisColdfusion mission critical application built ON-TIME and within BUDGET contraints, guaranteed? By using our RAD Systems Process, we can reliably build applications on time, everytime, and the fixed fee costs will never be more than promised.



Oracle experts when you need them:

  • Oracle database development
  • Oracle DBA expertise
  • Warehousing Database Design
  • PL/SQL development
  • Oracle Finanicals / Applications installation and customization
  • Oracle Performance Tuning

Internet Strategy, Ecommerce, Ebusiness, Web Site Development
What strategies will work? What won't? Where will people's habits evolve? When will people's habits endure? We know the Internet, and our architects and engineers and process experts can help you answer these questions to ensure your ebusiness efforts are best targeted to the objectives and goals for your organization.

Database Design and Development
Site Seven has many experienced and educated partners that can quickly handle almost any database design and development project. Though we focus in Oracle and MySql, our engineers can implement database architecture across other SQL database systems such as Sybase, SQL Server, 4th Dimension, Pick, Informix, and several others. We have extensive experience using advanced database case tools, such as Power Designer, Oracle Designer, and ERwin.

Object Oriented Technology
We offer sophisticated object oriented technology design and programming, Our software engineers have the technical background and education to perform.

Rapid Application Development
Starting from an idea we rapidly create applications. Our teams can focus on one project at a time. Because of our intense focus and our RAD Systems Process, our partners can plan, develop, review, test, and implement complete applications and integrations in days or a few weeks.